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Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own Thoroughbred race horse?

Wished you could name your own race horse, design your own racing silks, name your own racing stable and see your horse compete in races?

If you're like most people who are fantasy horse racing fans, it's either too expensive or just a dream. But there's a way now to experience some of the thrill involved with owning and racing your own Thoroughbred race horse by playing a fantasy horse racing game from Digiturf.

We've worked out a special deal to get your first $30 deposit spent matched with a free $30 from fantasy horse racing. That equals two free horses to get started. Make sure you click the following link and place this code in the referral box AD0702FHR, in order to receive the $30 promotion.

Play fantasy horse racing now and take advantage of the free $30 promotion, or keep reading below for more information about the fantasy horse racing game and how it's played.

Playing the Fantasy Horse Racing Game

Naming Your Virtual Horse Racing Game Stable at Fantasy Horse Racing

First you need to name your fantasy horse racing stable. Make sure and give this step some thought, because it's how others in the game will be able to recognize you and identify your stable when you race against them in competitions.

Designing Your Fantasy Horse Racing Game Silks at Fantasy Horse Racing

Here's a pretty neat feature of the fantasy horse racing game, where you get to design your very own horse racing jockey silks. Real Thoroughbred owners will tell you that one of the biggest thrills in owning Thoroughbred horses is seeing your very own racing silks cross the finish line for the very first time.

Choosing Your Virtual Race Horse & Naming Him at Fantasy Horse Racing

Next at fantasy horse racing you get to choose the color, sex and age of your virtual Thoroughbred. Then comes the fun act of naming your horse. Do you have a great name for your horse already? You could be naming the next fantasy horse racing game Seabiscuit, so be careful with what you name your horse, because if he's good everyone will hear about him.

virtual horse racingfantasy horse gamevirtual horse racing game

Training Your Fantasy Horse at Fantasy Horse Racing

Now that you have your virtual race horse you need to get him trained and ready to compete in fantasy horse racing. This is where you can find out if your horse likes to run, or would rather stand around and just look pretty. You have the opportunity to train him everyday to get him ready to compete in stakes races where you can win thousands in real prize money.

There's $85,000 up for grabs this season in prize money, so make sure and train him well to get your piece of that. Just like real Thoroughbred horse racing, not all horses are good runners, and you may need to buy a few to get one that can compete for the big prize.

Although your first few horses may not be speedsters, there are still claiming races and lower level opportunities to enjoy thefantasy horse racing game.


Racing Your Fantasy Horse at Fantasy Horse Racing

This is where experience and skill comes in to play. You need to know your fantasy horse well in order to place him in races where he has the best opportunity to finish in the money and help you to make a profit on your stable.

Before you race him, you should try and get a very good idea of his preferred surface, whether that's dirt or turf. Determine his favorite track and his best distance. Then you can give your fantasy horse the best chance for success.


Winning Money From a Horse Racing Game at Fantasy Horse Racing

fantasy horse racingUnless you're very lucky you wont win right off the bat at fantasy horseracing. You need to play the game long enough to get a feel for it. A good strategy is to buy a few horses, get in to training, and read over all the information on the message boards.

If you can master the game, you will be richly rewarded. Here's a bit about how much money the leading horse and leading trainer has won playing this virtual horse racing game so far.

Stakes Winnings Total stakes won: US$2,748,966
Stakes won this season: US$245,834
Top fantasy horse racing owner: Sharkano
Top owner winnings ever: US$146,965
Top fantasy horse: ZOOLOU
Top fantasy horse winnings ever: US$17,651

Horse Racing Betting - Off Track Betting (OTB) Bets

Straight bet or Single or Win bet: Fantasy Horse Racing - This is the simplest and most common bet. You bet on a winner at given odds. You collect only if your chosen horse is the first across the finish line.

Place: Fantasy Horse Racing - A wager for place means you collect if your selected horse finishes either first or second.

Show: Fantasy Horse Racing - The third horse across the finish line. A wager to show means you collect if your selected horse finishes either first, second or third.

Combination Bet: Fantasy Horse Racing - Combinations cover from two to four horses to win in chosen order.

Pick 3: Fantasy Horse Racing - This wager requires the player to pick the winners of three consecutive races. Some race tracks have a rolling pick 3 which is when the player must pick three races in a row and it continues for the next three races.

Pick 6: Fantasy Horse Racing - This wager requires the player to select the winner of six consecutive races prior to the first race of the pick six. Some tracks place the pick six as the first six races, the middle six races, or the last six races. Many tracks have carry over pools for the pick six that can grow to as high as a million dollars.

The Daily Double: Fantasy Horse Racing - You win if you pick the winner of the first and second race. To bet you say "$2 daily double on 3 (your pick to win in the first race) and 5 (your pick to win in the second race)". Your bet must be placed before the start of the first race.

Quiniela: Fantasy Horse Racing - (Reverse Forecast, UK) You win if you pick two horses that finish first and second, in either order, in any single race. To bet you say "$2 quiniela, numbers 5 and 6". If the results of the first two horses are either 5-6 or 6-5, you win.

Quiniela Box: Fantasy Horse Racing - Pick three or more horses. You win if any two of your selections finish first and second. To bet you say "$2 quiniela box on 4, 5 and 6". You are making three separate bets so your minimum bet is $6. If they finish 4-5, 4-6, 6-4, 6-5, 5-4 or 5-6 you win. You can box as few as three or as many as the field.

Quiniela Double: Fantasy Horse Racing - Quiniela Double is a combination bet of two winning quinielas in the last two races. Select two horses to win and place, in either order, in each of the last two races. You must win both quinielas to win your Quiniela Double.

Quiniela Wheel: You can also 'wheel' a favorite horse, so that it is combined with all the other horses. Based on the $2 value, the total cost of a wheel with say, 6 other horses is $12. For example; if you wheel #2 with 6 other horses in the same race and #2 comes in first or second, you win because you have all the 6 combinations covered.

Perfecta or Exacta: Fantasy Horse Racing - (Straight Forecast, UK) The Perfecta is similar to the Quiniela, except the two horses must finish in the exact order. To bet you say "$3 Perfecta, 5-6". Only if the horses finish 5-6 you win.

Perfecta Box: Fantasy Horse Racing - As with the quiniela box, except the two horses must finish in the exact order. To bet you say "$2 perfecta box on 4,5 and 6". You are making six separate bets so your minimum bet is $12. If they finish 4-5, 4-6, 6-4, 6-5, 5-4 or 5-6 you win. With Perfecta Box, for each extra horse you add to the box the possible combinations get compunded and your number of bets increases accordingly. A "$2 perfecta box on 4 horses" will cost you $24 (12 bets), a "$2 perfecta box on 5 horses" $40 (20 bets), and a "$2 perfecta box on 6 horses " $60 (30 bets).

Straight Trifecta: Fantasy Horse Racing - (Tricast or Treble Forecast, UK) Pick the first three horses to cross the finish line in exact order. To bet you say "$2 trifecta numbers 7,4 and 5". Only if they finish 7-4-5 you win.

$1 Trifecta Box: Fantasy Horseracing - Pick three horses to finish first, second and third, in any order. To bet you say "$1 trifecta box 2,3 and 5". You are actually making six $1 bets, so your total bet is $6. If they finish 2-3-5, 2-5-3, 3-2-5, 3-5-2, 5-2-3 or 5-3-2; you win.

$1 Trifecta Key: Fantasy Horse Racing - Pick your favorite horse to win, then two or more others to place and show in any order. To bet you say "$1 trifecta key on 1 with 2 and 3". You are actually making two $1 bets so your total bet is $2. To win your Key horse must win and the other two must finish either 1-2-3 or 1-3-2.

Superfecta: Fantasy Horseracing - The straight superfecta is played by picking the first four horses to finish in exact order. To bet you say "$2 straight superfecta 1-3-2-8". You would collect if the race finishes exactly 1-3-2-8.

Horse Betting - Horse wagering

Off track betting is a regulated, legal system whereby bettors can gamble on horse racing taking place at a number of different racetracks from a single location not situated at any racetrack. Various types of remote betting systems with piped-in teleplay of races have sprung up from time to time in the past, and today, this form of wagering makes use of state-of-the-art technology.

In the 1973 motion picture �The Sting�, an elaborate fake off-track betting parlor was set up expressly to cheat a big time gambler, for example. Off-track betting�s association with the darker side of gambling was a part of real life as well, and it was this association that led the government of New York State to legalize off-track betting in 1970 as a way of providing a legal alternative to organized crime, support the state horseracing industry and raise money for City and State tax coffers.

The very first legal off-track pari-mutuel wagering operation in the country opened in New York on April 8, 1970 with a pair of branch offices and a central Telephone Betting Center. New York�s off-track betting system, known as �OTB� for short, has been extremely successful and has been emulated by a great number of other states and municipalities.

OTB has changed over time to be more responsive to the needs of horse wagerers. These changes have as much to do with comfort and convenience as with improving the reliability and practicality of the system itself. For example, OTB locations were early proponents and operators of a fully computerized betting and cashing system. The racetrack experience has also been expanded and made more entertaining, with so-called �Teletheatres� broadcasting races from the nation�s major horse racing tracks and full service restaurants providing a level of service approximating that of the very best tracks.

Off-track betting has been a boon for the horse racing industry and for both casual and professional horse wagerers, bringing the race track experience to the bettor instead of vice versa. While nothing beats the unique atmosphere of an actual horse racing track, horse betting parlors like those established by OTB certainly come close!

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